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We provide the best digital marketing solutions at a competitive prices. Our team of experts specialize in Meta, Google Ads, TikTok Ads. We guarantee fast and efficient service. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality customer service. Our typical client stays with us for 3-4 years.
Google Ads
Google DV360
The digital wild world opens for you with
Display advertising
We offer two options for purchasing display advertising:

  • Automated (RTB)
  • Direct
RTB purchases are more accessible to advertisers. Platform selection is easier and the price is lower, whereas level of control is higher.
But platform only provides residual inventory for automated purchasing which means that the quality of contact is usually lower.
Direct purchase is more expensive, but does not have this disadvantage. This option requires more complex approach to the task.
It will be necessary to carefully select platforms, decide on a corresponding format and find agreements on the most suitable conditions.
It significantly improves the quality of contact when planned properly.
Ad Accounts
By acquiring our advertising accounts you will receive:

  1. Agency trusted accounts of major online advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Google DV360, Facebook, TikTok and Telegram without account blocking risks.
  2. Seamless replenishment. You can make instant transfers 5 days a week, including bank transfers and neobanks.
  3. Quick response to any questions (average response time is 8 minutes).
  4. Quick replacement and transfer of budgets from banned accounts.
  5. Long-term partnership with a dedicated personal approach and close cooperation.
Mobile advertising
In-app advertising is one of the most effective and demanded ways of user acquisition and retention. We closely cooperate with the largest social media networks and ad networks.‍

We reach the goals we set by thorough data analysis, proper audience segmentation.
Why are we better?
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